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Library Book Borrowing Policy


Resident eligibility requirements 18 years of age or older: All resident applicants must reside in Antrim County within the Townships of Mancelona and Custer to be eligible for a resident library card at no charge.

All other applicants: 
Yearly fee - $20.00 per household.  
Must be in good standing at your home library.

A valid Michigan Driver’s License or State ID card with current address must be presented and a library application card completed.

A maximum of one item at a time may be checked out during a 30-day probationary period. The probationary period will be extended if materials are not returned on time. The library must be notified of any address and/or phone number changes.  Library cards can only be used by the person the card is issued to.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the library.

Juvenile library card – 17 years of age and under: Legal parent/guardian must be present and meet eligibility requirements.


Usual borrowing period is two weeks for books, one week for DVD’s. You may request a printed receipt of current items checked out and balance on account for your records. New releases, DVD’s, and reserved materials cannot be renewed. All other materials may be renewed one time. Renewals may be made in person or by phone during regular library hours.


Library card replacement:      $1.00

Overdue Charges:       Per Item        Maximum      Damages:          Replacement
                                    Day:           Per Item:                              Cost:

Books/Audio            $     .10            $ 5.00           $1.00/minor      Current Value

DVD                        $     .50           $ 5.00            $1.00/minor     Current Value


Minor damages: Item can be repaired and returned to collection.

Lost, stolen, or irreparable materials are replaced at current market value when available or average cost for similar items in the same classification, whichever is higher.

Overdue fines accumulate daily (Including days library is closed). Overdue materials may be placed in the book drop to stop fines from accumulating and prevent further action or charges on your account.


First Notice $1.00       Second Notice $2.00       Third Notice $3.00       Final Notice   $5.00

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MATERIALS CHECKED OUT ON YOUR CARD. (Failure to return borrowed materials checked out on your account will be turned over to the Antrim County Prosecuting Attorney in
an effort to retrieve materials that are property of the Mancelona Township Library. Additional fees will be applied to your account for this process).

This policy is subject to change and the Library Director may use discretionary measures when necessary.